Fishing Licences

How to get the fishing licence?
You can buy fishing licences for all fishing districts of Fishing family Renče online on or directly at our selling point. Links to all fishing licences and the adresses of the selling points are listed below.


1. Online fishing licence selling:


Link to all available fishing licences of Fishing family Renče discrits.

On the following links you can find all fishing licence for the fishing districts of Fishing family Renče.

2. Fishing licences selling points

  • Restaurant "Pri Olgi", Vitovlje 73a, 5261 Šempas; Tel.: +386 5 30 88 779
    Schedule: MON: 10h - 16h, TUE: 10h - 23h, WED: 10h - 13h, THU - SUN: 10h - 23h
  • Garni hotel, Bukovica 1, 5293 Voljčja Draga ; Tel.: +386 5 398 54 00
    Schedule: every day from 00:00h to 24:00h
  • Koptex d.o.o., Vodovodna pot 11, 5000 Nova Gorica; Tel.: +386 5 330 86 50
    Schedule: MON-FRI: 8.30h - 19.00h, SAT: 8.00h - 13.00h, SUNDAY and Holidays CLOSED!

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